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About Rainbow Beach

Once called Back beach, the name was changed when rainbow colored sand was exposed from the minerals in the sand along the cliffy bluffs. With over 72 colors, the panoramic beauty is a sight to behold. Rainbow Beach at one time was a mining town but now tourism has been its mainstay. This modern town is in the Wide Bay-Burnett region. 

There is a fantastic legend about how the Rainbow Beach came about. It seems that Yiningie, who was a spirit that represented rainbows, went into the cliffs after fighting an evil tribesman. Of course, the altercation was over a young woman. These were the Kabi people and some of their legends are believable except for the fact the color actually comes from the rich mineral content. But if you walk eastwards from town, you can see the sandy cliffs with the exposed colored sand in all its glory.

With its quiet, laid-back atmosphere, Rainbow Beach is perfect for everyone from families to backpackers to high-end visitors. Hotels and resorts are beachfront while getaways include apartments that contain everything you need for a visit here. 

Rainbow Beach is located at the northern end of the Sunshine Coast and a great jumping off point before visiting Fraser Island, which is one of the most popular destinations in the area. Many visitors spend the night camping on the beach at Inskip Point before embarking to the Island. There’s even a permit sold so you can camp overnight. But you don’t have to camp, resorts and apartments are abundant, even world class resorts with amazing views no matter where you stay.

Rainbow Beach is a picturesque coastal village with a lot of history and yet modern and relaxing. There’s a blend of everything from amazing beaches to waterways and rural hinterland. There is a place to eat within everyone’s budget, no matter what you’re looking for. Waterfront cafes, alfresco restaurants, modern saloon bars and many other ala-carte choices. 

You may think this is a quiet, laid back town, but, there’s plenty to do. Fishing charters, riding horses on the beach, visiting the national park, walking the many trails or surfing, Rainbow Beach will not disappoint anyone who visits.