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Australia Zoo - It's as WILD as LIFE gets! A team of passionate conservationists work round-the-clock to deliver an animal experience like no other. Cuddle a koala, hand-feed our kangaroos, walk with a Sumatran tiger and watch a crocodile launch from the waters edge. Australia Zoo is the ultimate w...

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About Australia Zoo

Crikey! It's as wild as life gets at Australia Zoo, Home of the Crocodile Hunter, with more wildlife and entertainment than you can poke a stick at! With over 1,200 animals and stacks of free shows daily, it's chock-a-block full of wildlife action and adventure! Get hands-on with their cuddly koalas, waddling wombats, slithering snakes and cute kangaroos. Come face to face with their majestic tigers, hand-feed their gorgeous elephants, or get your photo taken with a baby alligator.Step on board the African Safari Shuttle and explore Australia Zoo's newest exhibit - Africa! Experience the wide open plains of the African savannah and see exotic animals such as Giraffe, Rhino and Zebra interacting together - and marvel at their gorgeous Cheetah as they walk by. Then join their snakes, free-flight birds and crocs live in their world-famous Crocoseum show, and get your adrenalin pumping as you watch a crocodile launch a strike from the water's edge.With stacks of wildlife action and shows, it's impossible to fit everything into just one day. With a Two Day Wild Pass, you get two days of wildlife discovery!Australia Zoo is your ultimate wildlife destination - go on, go wild with them!

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