Horse Riding

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Mary Valley Adventure Trails

Mary Valley Adventure Trails provide real horse rides, great scenery, quality horses - and at an affordable price. Travel through lush farmland and experience the joy of riding through natural Queensland rainforest. Visit mountain lookouts with breathtaking views. For the experienced rider; yo...

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About Horse Riding For Noosa

Horse & Camel Riding

Take a lesson, join a hinterland trek or enjoy the Noosa North Shore Beaches on horseback. The combination of natural bushland and kilometres of beach creates a magnificent backdrop for horse enthusiasts. 

The rides are graded to suit all levels from novice to experienced and leave at regular intervals each day. A guided trek is a great family activity.

Camel Riding is also a popular pastime along Noosa’s North Shore Beaches. The Camel Company Australia is an award winning business operated from Noosa’sNorth Shore, Noosa Heads.

There is an Arab proverb that goes "there are three things that can never be hidden; love , a mountain and one riding a camel" the Camel Company is out there with their mystic beasts' of burden ready to take you, your friends and family on an “Ultimate relaxing adventure with a difference…."

A 2 hour ride will take you through bushland  and along the sands of  40 mile beach for a relaxing ride whilst enjoying views to the Teewah Coloured Sands & Noosa.