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The Noosa region of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast provides visitors with a spectacular blend of cosmopolitan life and some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the world. The sunny, warm climate creates the perfect place to relax and escape any time of year, no matter what sort of vacation you have in mind. Winters and summers are both temperate with plenty of sun. The beaches with their crystalline water and white sand are juxtaposed next to the bright green hinterland while Hastings Street bustles with activity and traces the coastline along with the gorgeous Noosa River. Noosa literally has something for everyone and this is also true when it comes to accommodation options. No matter your needs, budget or the activities you have planned you can find a place to stay that exceeds all of your expectations when choosing Noosa. 

Family Friendly

The Sunshine Coast is an amazing getaway for the entire family and Noosa has no shortage of family-friendly resorts, hotels, guest houses, rental properties and more. Many of the luxury resorts offer lots of amenities to keep every member of your family happy and entertained. There are on-site kid’s clubs and play areas where children can make new friends and learn. You can find wading pools, playgrounds and convenient day-care centres for the youngest travellers. Spacious beach houses and multi-room rental apartments are great for families that want to be more independent during their stay. There are family-friendly campsites as well, which allow everyone to get up close and personal with nature while still having a community feel. 


Beachfront accommodations come in all shapes and sizes for visitors travelling on any budget. The gentle surfs of Noosa’s many pristine beaches are one of the biggest draws to the region. There are also quality surf beaches and the well-preserved coastline and coastal wilderness of the Noosa National Park. The Noosa Main Beach faces north and is very near the famed restaurants and shopping of Hastings Street. It is home to some of the most popular beachfront resorts and hotels and self-contained lodgings. 

Beachfront rental homes are also available for lengthier holidays and long-term visitors to the Sunshine Coast. For the more adventurous travellers there are plenty of beachfront camping opportunities to take advantage of too, giving visitors a very unique taste of the idyllic coast with a hearty dose of Australian wilderness.

Holiday Apartments

For longer trips to the Noosa, you can find a wide selection of affordable vacation apartments to be your home away from home on the Sunshine Coast. If you'll be spending an entire holiday in this gorgeous region, staying long-term at a hotel or resort can become very costly. Holiday apartment options also come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet anyone’s needs, whether travelling alone, with your partner or with your entire family. 

Self-Contained Accommodation

When on vacation, many people like to relax. Sometimes part of that relaxation is privacy and maintaining your independence. Whether you'll be visiting Noosa for a long holiday or you just prefer to take care of yourself when you’re on your Sunshine Coast trip, there are numerous self-contained accommodation opportunities to be discovered in Noosa. This type of lodging gives you more privacy than you can get at your typical resorts and hotels and includes lodgings such as multi-room apartments, beach houses, townhomes, suites and even penthouses. You'll have your freedom, but also lots of the best amenities that hotels offer such as swimming pools, spas, BBQ areas, convenient locations and a helpful staff. Some boutique hotels and retreats offer self-contained accommodation options as well for large and small groups and couples. 

Noosa Beaches

The beaches of Noosa are some of the top beaches in all of the South Pacific. They are also some of the safest on the entire Sunshine Coast. They are known for their gentle breaks, which are a particularly big draw for families or travellers that love the coast, but are less comfortable in the water. Noosa also has several off-leash dog beaches, surf beaches and you shouldn't forget the beautiful coloured sand beaches of the North Shore - it is no wonder that beach accommodations are popular. No matter what type of beach you want to be near, you can easily find a hotel, hostel, resort, vacation apartment or campground to suit your individual style and holiday needs.

Main Beach is a popular destination providing both a good swimming location and beginner surfing lessons. It is near Hastings Street and home to an assortment of lodging options. Noosa Spit is an off-leash dog beach, excellent for anyone travelling with their four-legged companion and you can find pet-friendly hotels nearby. Sunshine Beach features larger breaks and is a good spot for more experienced surfers and not far away is Sunrise Beach, a popular spot for fishing among the locals and visitors alike. The North Shore is famous for it’s colourful sand cliffs as well as secluded camping. 


The hotels of Noosa range from five-star luxury resort hotels to economy hotels for the most thrifty of travellers. Hotels are often the default accommodation option for Sunshine Coast visitors due to their unparalleled convenience. Staying in a hotel is a good choice for many on vacation thanks to the ease and comfort associated with them. Noosa’s hotels provide the highest quality hospitality services and amenities and you can rest assured that there is a Noosa hotel that will fit right into your holiday plans. 

Luxury hotels provide visitors with the entire package from relaxation to entertainment and everything in-between including full-service restaurants, bars, fitness centres and much more, especially if you invest in one of the many all-inclusive vacation packages offered throughout the year. Mid-range hotels typically provide amenities like swimming pools when you need a break from the beach and room service. Economy hotels for the budget-conscious can be found all along the coastline, near Hastings Street and also the National Park. Economy hotels vary in style. They may be boutique hotels with a modern feel, self-contained or more traditional, single-room basic hotels.

Romantic Getaways

When it comes to romance, there’s no place in the world quite like the Sunshine Coast. Whether you and your partner want to relax on the beach or spend all day together at the spa, if you’re interested in scenic hikes, boat tours, learning to surf or if romantic seaside meals pique your interests - Noosa honestly has all of your bases covered. The dining and shopping of Hastings Street is moments from the pristine beaches and the region’s hotels offer many different romance packages for honeymoons and visiting couples. You can find secluded villas for quiet weekends that make it feel like you’re staying in a rainforest. 

Even quaint chalets away from the bustling centre of Noosa are still just minutes away from the finest dining on all of the Sunshine Coast. 

Wheelchair Friendly

Noosa’s many resorts, hotels and other accommodation options strive to be as accessible as possible. Everyone should be capable of experiencing the splendour and fun of the Sunshine Coast. For this reason, almost all resorts and other lodgings are wheelchair friendly. These locations also offer special handicapped-accessible rooms with wheelchair accessibility such as wider doorways and roll-in showers. Your mobility should never be an issue when you visit Noosa thanks to wheelchair-friendly accommodation provided by luxury resorts in the Noosa area.

Absolute Beachfront

Take beachfront to a whole new level with an absolute beachfront experience. An absolute beachfront accommodation isn't just conveniently located a short distance from the beach, instead this type of lodging provide direct access to Noosa’s sand and surf. You can literally step out of your hotel or holiday apartment and onto the sand. 

Eco Accredited

Australia is very proud of its unique plants and wildlife. The preservation efforts of the Sunshine Coast are apparent throughout Noosa. The Noosa National Park protects the land and all of its natural inhabitants while visitors are permitted to walk, hike and bike trails. There are canoe and kayak tours down protected sections of the Noosa River as well. Many accommodations in the surrounding area are also taking huge steps to further preserve the natural landscape, which is a very important part of the Sunshine Coast. Noosa’s resorts and hotels offer a number of eco accredited amenities and features for even the environmentally-conscious visitors.

Noosa also features several amazing completely eco-friendly retreats. 


Retreats always prove to be unforgettable experiences. Noosa retreats are completely unmatched in variety and quality. You can easily find beachfront, riverfront and lakefront retreats in the area. Some retreats appeal to the more cosmopolitan travellers while other retreats will present you with the unparalleled aesthetics and relaxation that can be provided by the natural world.

Noosa’s many great retreats are as varied as the diverse landscapes that make up the Sunshine Coast. Retreats are intended to be an escape and capture the true essence of a vacation or going on holiday. 

Long Term Accommodation

Once you visit the Sunshine Coast, you won’t want to leave. Staying on your vacation forever isn't feasible, but long-term stays actually are and there are many locales in Noosa that will meet the needs of extended visitors. If you’re looking for a longer term accommodation you can contact a holiday letting agent to get started. They can make your task easier and secure your home away from home. Noosa offers cottages, townhomes, apartments, beach houses and everything in between for the visitors that choose to stay a while.

Self-contained apartments are often great for longer excursions. They allow for the most independence and privacy whether you’re travelling alone, with your significant other or with a group of friends or family. Kick back and relax knowing you’re taken care of. You can fully immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and adventures of Noosa with a long-term stay and you can easily find a location with as little or as many amenities and facilities that you need. 


Noosa is one of the best destinations for anyone travelling on a budget. Visitors can easily experience everything that Noosa has to offer without worrying about breaking the bank. There are many truly impressive places to stay that provide amazing value to guests. Some are tucked away a short distance from Sunshine Beach and feature spacious rooms, a pool, spa, guest laundry and even beautiful gardens. There are Holiday Lodges excellent for larger groups offering one, two and three bedroom accommodations at extremely competitive rates. Then there are Motels and motor inns, an ideal choice for anyone staying only for a day or two as they pass through the region.

Penthouse Apartments

Booking a penthouse apartment is guaranteed to make your Sunshine Coast getaway into a glamorous adventure. Penthouses are typically available with one to four bedrooms to ensure that you and the rest of your group are comfortable. These self-contained, extremely classy apartment-style hotel rooms allow you to stay in the lap of luxury with private rooftops, the most spectacular beach views and a huge breadth of amenities to make absolutely sure that you are comfortable.

Caravan & Campsites

Caravan parks and camping opportunities are some of the most popular types of accommodation in Noosa. They are the best way to experience the beauty and splendour of the Sunshine Coast’s untouched natural setting. Numerous different site options for both caravans and tents are available too.  There are also campgrounds allowing for a riverside camping experience combining the pristine beach and green bushland that can be found side-by-side in the region.

Luxury Apartments

The majestic landscapes of the Sunshine Coast can be easily experienced without roughing it when you plan a trip to Noosa. Relax and enjoy the tranquillity of nature while you rest comfortably in one of the many luxury apartments found in the region. Noosa offers a variety of different apartments from one bedroom up to four bedroom and even penthouse apartments for the most sophisticated visitors. Apartments are air conditioned during the balmy summer months. 

Booking Services

A Noosa booking service can take the burden off of your shoulders when it comes to planning your Sunshine Coast vacation. No matter what sort of vacation you have in mind, regardless of your budget, an agent can find the best lodging for you. Booking services can be particularly helpful for long-term accommodation, but they can help find the perfect resort or hotel for you and your shorter holiday as well. They are also invaluable when it comes to planning larger destination events such as weddings. You need all of the pertinent information like the dates of your stay, preferred setting and number of travellers - then the booking service will track down the best accommodation and help you to create your dream vacation. 

Holiday Homes

Beach houses, villas and cottages all make great holiday homes. Holiday homes in Noosa can be beachfront, riverfront, lakefront or nestled in the hinterland if it suits you. Whatever your tastes and whatever your ideal vacation - there is a home in Noosa that is perfect for your stay. Real estate agents and booking services can help you select your ideal Sunshine Coast holiday home. Some types of holiday accommodation will provide you with various amenities to meet your needs and community facilities to further enhance your stay. Your options are as diverse and engaging as the Sunshine Coast itself. You can choose to stay modestly or live large, a quaint cottage or a spacious beach house. Anything is possible when you’re on holiday in Noosa and it’s entirely up to you when it comes to your home away from home. 

Bed & Breakfast

There’s always something special about staying at a bed and breakfast. They really foster a sense of community among travellers and a closeness that you simply won’t get at a large resort. Many of the best bed and breakfasts in Noosa are hidden jewels. They are tucked away between the beach and the mountains of the hinterlands where tranquillity is optimized. A good B&B is one of the best ways to unwind after a busy day of activities and sightseeing and it’s also a great way to start your day off on the right foot. 

Backpacker Hostels

Backpacking the Sunshine Coast can be a life-changing experience like none other. Backpacking is often the most affordable as well as one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to visit Noosa and there are plenty of quality accommodations and cater to backpackers in particular. The Noosa River, lakes, coves, bays, the coastline and the hinterland can all be transformed into a playground by travellers that thrive in the outdoors. Fraser Island and the Noosa Everglades where the Noosa River begins are all nearby. The wild at heart can also take part in a plethora of outdoor activities: kayaking, diving, horseback riding, sailing, biking and many others. 

Guest Houses

Choosing to stay in a guest house when you visit the Sunshine Coast is choosing the utmost comfort. Guesthouses are more intimate, private and you can really take yourself away from the more metropolitan aspects of Noosa life. A guest house accommodations comes with plenty of amenities like the ones you receive at the busy resorts and they also provide many different facilities to make your stay as pleasurable as possible. Guest houses are ideal for couples’ vacations as well as spending time with your family or a group of your closest friends. 

Pet Friendly

Pets are a part of the family and there’s no reason to leave them at home when you head to the Sunshine Coast for your Noosa holiday. Not only are most accommodation locales pet-friendly, but there are numerous off-leash areas of beach for your dog as well as dog-friendly restaurants and cafes all along Hastings Street. Leashed dogs are welcome on the boardwalk along the Noosa River and there are even pet-friendly campsites. The Sunshine Coast is truly one of the most welcoming vacation spots in the world, extending the pleasure to your four-legged family as well. 


Noosa has motel apartments as well as resort motels, which combine the features of luxury with affordability in unique ways. Staying at a motel gives you a lot of the convenience of resort, but you'll have more money to do the activities you want when visiting the Sunshine Coast. Motels are excellent options for budget-conscious travellers. Motel apartments and resort motel rooms are typically much like staying in a studio apartment. They’re great if you want a room to yourself or you are travelling with a small group of friends or even your significant other. 

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